Design, Multimedia & Web Development

In this progressing digital age, most businesses require websites. The biggest reason for this is to create a platform they can use to turn more prospective customers into loyal clients.

However, websites require different resources and take weeks to months to create. Factors like the psychology of user behaviour, purpose of the website, and specifications of the web owner are considered too.

Many multimedia elements are added later, creating a strategy to inform and engage users who visit the website.

Top Elements Vastly Used In A Website and Why


  • Images

An image is the most common form of media. It helps users visualise the information being shared within the web. It’s also great to use to break up blocks of text in heavy-text pages.

  • Graphics and Infographics

These types of multimedia are great to keep users engaged, especially visual users. Graphics and infographics can contain both image and text to help visitors consume the content of the web page faster.

It’s great for sharing tidbits of information in forms of graphs, charts, illustrations, and more.

  • Animation

Animations are great for explaining simple processes or sharing informational content to users. It can serve as a tool to help users navigate things easier or inform them of the benefits of the company’s products and services in a more entertaining way.

  • Video

Videos are as dynamic as animations. They can be used for multiple purposes such as sharing client testimonials, providing a demonstration of how to use the company product, or sharing the best ways to redeem gifts from the company.

Videos decrease the bounce rate of the website, increase time-on-page, user engagement, and interaction.

  • Interactive content

Interactive content varies from one another. It’s anything that a user can use and interact with. It can be a quiz that shows results right away, a survey, and such.

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The main responsibility of the animator is to create an animation that portrays the vision and delivers the message of the client’s storyboard. If you are proficient in using different tools in creating animations, this is the job to seize! Click here to see which animation opportunity suits you best

Graphic Design & Image Editing

Graphic Design & Image Editing

Graphic designers are responsible for producing illustrations, graphics, and other materials and presentations used by customers and clients for marketing purposes and proposals. Are you skilled and talented in designing? Apply for a graphic position today!

Web Development / Programming

Web Development / Programming

Web development and programming come hand-in-hand in web development. A web developer’s and programmer’s main responsibility is to ensure web functionality and design abides in the company’s specifications. For web development and programming opportunities, click here

Video Editing

Video Editing

Video editors are responsible for the production videos – editing video files, sounds, effects, and everything included in the video. They are accountable for the final products used for both online and offline publications. To see video editing job vacancies, click here

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