Location: Pampanga

Work Type: Permanent / Full Time

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Would have contributed small to medium features in the past, preferably with a team
  • Excellent communication skills. This person will report directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and executive team when the lead is away. They must be able to explain complicated and detailed technical issues and ideas in a manner a senior executive team can make strategic decisions.
  • When the lead is away, work and update a software roadmap schedule defined and maintained by the Chief Operations Officer (COO).
  • Take responsibility for their actions and support the lead.
  • Treats all teammates with the highest respect and creates a culture of openness and non-blame
  • Demonstrable personal qualities including, honesty with a high level of integrity for themselves, their team, and for the client.
  • Creates and maintains a team atmosphere that reflects the culture and ethics of the client and Australia.
  • Remain calm under pressure and seek technical solutions to requests and issues.
  • Having a “customer is right” ethos.
  • Must read 3 computing books a year; 2 defined by the client, 1 defined by the individual. All 3 books paid.
  • Maintains a current review of all things technical particularly relevant to their platform

Required Experience

  • With 5+ years of experience in Object orientated language such as Java, C# etc
  • With 5+ years of procedural language e.g. ‘C’
  • With 5+ experience in System administration of Unix and Microsoft platforms
  • With 5+ years of experience developing against databases (any main steam sort)
  • With 5+ years of experience working on heterogeneous distributed systems.

Minimum Qualifications

  • An individual who has a first-class (A+) B.Sc. Computing degree from one of our preferred Universities.

A Successful Candidate must have

  • Ability to use defect tracking software.
  • Ability to use software engineering practices correctly e.g. branching, labelling, etc

Proficient with

  • App development for Android and Apple

Experience Advantage

  • Understanding of fault-tolerant systems
  • Firmware
  • MQ or other messaging systems

ShoreXtra Perks

  • Free barista-style coffee
  • Free parking and jeepney services
  • Highly engaged team
  • Unlimited potential for growth
  • Challenging role
  • Fun and family-oriented working environment