Administration & Office Support

Over the years, administrative tasks have evolved from simple doing paper works to a more complex workload. Companies run smoothly thanks to the additional efforts of effective and efficient administrators. They’ve become the backbone of businesses, ensuring operations and processes flow seamlessly.


Some of the Administrators and office support jobs in Pampanga offers:


  • Administrative Assistant
  • Client & Sales Administrator
  • Contracts Administrator
  • Data Entry & Word Processing Clerk
  • PA, EA, or Secretarial Assistant
  • Records Management & Document Control Officer

These professionals face the biggest misconception there could be about work; their workloads are redundant but very easy to do. That’s simply not the case.

Administrative and support roles, now, vary from one another. This shows how complicated their workload has become. Tasks can vary from handling clerical work, office management, client-facing responsibilities, document control, and such.

All these professionals focus on supporting their departments and bosses, allowing their teams and superiors to focus on accomplishing value-adding tasks. Businesses also require them to manage correspondence and organise meetings internally and externally to ensure communication between staff and clients meet no roadblocks.


Must-Have Skills and Qualities of an Effective administration and office support:


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

This essential skill of the administrative and office support will help them communicate and deal with different professionals from within the organisation or externally.

  • High attention to detail and organisation Skills

Office and administrative support are required to have high attention to detail and organisation skills. These two skills will help them

  • Time and Project Management Skills

Administrative assistants must have an excellent time and project management skills to keep track of various deadlines, meetings, and other things.

  • Adaptive

Businesses change over time. Being adaptive helps business owners and the individuals the administrative supports stay focus on profit-making activities.

  • Adept to Technology

The technological skills are necessary to perform many clerical and administrative tasks like data entry, managing online diary, and such. This is the ultimate skill professional administrative supports must-have.

Employee benefits and additional perks!

  • Competitive rate
  • Great employee benefits
  • Free barista-style coffee and subsidised canteen
  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Great culture
Administrative Assistance

Administrative Assistance

A person performing administrative assistance may have the following job title: administrative assistant, office clerk, secretary, or receptionist. The tasks of an administrative assistant revolve around managing and distributing information within the office. Click here to check administrative assistance jobs

Contracts Administration

Contracts Administration

The main purpose of contract administration is to manage contracts between vendors, customers, partners, and employees of the business. A contract administrator or manager must prepare and review all company contracts to ensure company profitability and compliance with the law. Click here for contract administration and management jobs

PA, EA, or Secretarial Assistance

PA, EA, or Secretarial Assistance

A PA, EA, or Secretary is the first point of contact of other professionals from the person of interest. Assistants and secretaries handle and manage the person of interest’s schedules, appointments, and meetings. If you have the experience and is looking for more opportunities, click right here

Client & Sales Administration

Client & Sales Administration

Client Sales Administration are handled by Client Sales Administrators and Officers. These professionals are responsible for handling sales orders to further improve the performance of sales representatives. If you are great with client-facing, click here to view all available client sales administration opportunities we have for you

Data Entry & Word Processing

Data Entry & Word Processing

The difference between Data Entry and Word Processing are the tool and programs used for it while the responsibilities remain the same. Data Entry and Word Processing operators are expected to maintain and update the company database accurately. For more data entry and word processing opportunities, click here

Records Management & Document Control

Records Management & Document Control

Records management and document control are tasks that require excellent organisation skills and accuracy. Specialists in this area are responsible for storing, maintaining, and distributing files and documents within the organisation. For Records Management & Document Control opportunities, click here

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