Advertising, Arts, & Media

Advertising, arts, and media is the industry helping businesses further expand its audience reach. It helps organisations fulfil their purpose which is to answer a need or solve a problem.

Advertising, arts, and media professionals are tasked to produce the most efficient and effective way to present and advertise the company to the mass market while keeping the integrity of the company’s products, services, and campaigns as they are advertised through various media channels — online or offline.

They have the responsibility of understanding the goal of the business and conducting a thorough market analysis to check the competition and determine the language of its audience.

The goal is to increase brand awareness, promote the company’s goals, and encourage its audience to take action.


Advantages of Working in Advertising, Arts, and Media Industry


  • Unbounded Creativity

Advertising requires creativity that knows no bounds and limits. Having a creative mind helps you put together an attention-grabbing campaign that keeps your audience aware, informed, and engaged. At times, it even motivates your market to take action.

  • Dynamic and Social Working Environment

Advertising, arts, and media jobs in Pampanga offer an opportunity to work in a dynamic working environment. Since it takes a team to create an effective campaign, advertising organisations promote a positive culture. This allows individuals with different personalities to get along well despite the diversity in the workforce.

  • Unlimited Growth and Learning

Like the marketing industry, the advertising industry continuously improves and grows. The technology is also a big factor in its progressing style and strategy. In this industry, there is no end to what you can learn as a professional.

  • Opportunity for Advancement

There’s always an opportunity to develop and advance your career in the advertising industry. All advertising, arts, and media roles are scalable and have the potential for career advancement.

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Employee benefits and additional perks!

  • Competitive rate
  • Great employee benefits
  • Free barista-style coffee and subsidised canteen
  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Great culture
Art Direction

Art Direction

Art Directors, in advertising and public relations, is the coordinator between designers and clients, ensuring that the message conveyed in the advertisements and campaigns are aligned with the client’s visuals and directive. Have a flair for art in advertising, click here to check available art direction job

Editing and Publishing

Editing and Publishing

The main responsibilities of editors and publishers are to ensure there are no grammatical errors to the published content and that publishing is going smoothly as possible. If you are a grammar wiz with high attention to detail, click here to see the opportunities we have for you



The demand for professionals with an eye for design and technical photography skills is increasing. High-quality images and photographs are playing a bigger role in advertising – helping businesses convey messages better. Do you have the skills? Click here to see if there are photography opportunities for you

Content Writing

Content Writing

Content Writing is a massive part of business marketing. Content writers are expected to produce engaging content for digital print, media, and product descriptions to entice audiences to purchase company products and services. Looking for content writing jobs? Click here

Media Strategy, Planning, & Buying

Media Strategy, Planning, & Buying

One fundamental of marketing is a strategic media plan. The media strategist and planner is expected to create a plan of action to reach the target audience, increase customer engagement, and improve conversion rate. To see if there are available opportunities for this category, click here

Programming & Production

Programming & Production

The programming and production side of advertising, arts, and media oversees how company advertisements are placed on online prints and ad spaces. This department also handles how the company’s campaigns, promotions, and such are promoted to the general audience of the company. Click here to see Programming & Production job opportunities

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