Banking & Financial Services

Banking and Financial Services plays a vital role in the economic and financial state of the country. It creates a bridge between the surplus and shortage of monetary funds between organisations, individuals, and even the government.

To support the industry’s growing demand, it continuously expands its services, creating employment opportunities for locals looking for banking and financial services jobs in Pampanga, Metro Manila, Cebu, and other cities in the country.


The Top Services Banking and Financial Services Offers and its Importance


  • Money Market Service

Organisations that offer this type of service comprise commercial banks, cooperative banks, and financial institutions. All these companies provide participants to lend or borrow funds and capital for the short term.

This service facilitates the distribution of monetary funds among individuals and businesses within the country, contributing to the overall development and stability of the country’s economy.

  • Capital Market Service

Capital Market Services functions the same as Money Market Services, except it offers the same services for a longer-term. The capital market provides services to two major types of capital markets — primary market and secondary market.

It provides a link between investors and companies, ensuring transactions run smoothly and within laws and regulations of the country. This service creates wealth that affects the country’s economic stability and development for a longer-term.


Must-Have Skills of a Banking and Financial Services Professional


  • Analytical Skills

This skill helps banking and financial services employees understand financial trends, identify patterns, and draw definitive conclusions from various raw data, making it possible to endorse advantageous financial moves for the parties involved.

  • High Attention to Detail and Organisation Skills

The workforce in this industry deals with various delicate data all the time. A complete accuracy for each report is required at all times that’s why it’s important for banking and financial services employees to have high attention to detail and organisation skills to ensure efficiency and precision of the reports.

  • Communication skills

The banking and financial industry is one of the most complex industries in business. It requires professionals to have great communication skills to fully express and relay information to individuals with limited financial knowledge and to those who are experts in the field.

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Employee benefits and additional perks!

  • Competitive rate
  • Great employee benefits
  • Free barista-style coffee and subsidised canteen
  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Great culture
Analysis & Reporting

Analysis & Reporting

Financial analysis and reporting is a standard practice of analysts to analyse finance-related data of the company and report accurate depiction of the company finances to stakeholders. If you have a knack for numbers, click here to see how many Analysis & Reporting opportunities are waiting for you

Corporate Finance & Investment Banking

Corporate Finance & Investment Banking

Corporate finance and investment banking work hand-in-hand. There is a need for someone to manage the company while someone is growing the company. Choose between raising money and capital to develop businesses or identifying, securing, managing, and investing large monetary funds to maximise shareholder value. Click here to see available jobs

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Financial planning covers the task of determining a business’s financial capacity to achieve its business goals and objectives. The financial planner is expected to develop and propose financial plans to help the company further its growth and expansion. Click here for Financial Planning jobs

Compliance & Risk

Compliance & Risk

Companies hire compliance and risk experts to help the company act in accordance with industry, labour, and other laws and regulations prescribed as the best practices within the industry. For more Compliance & Risk employment opportunities, click here



The agreement between a lender and a debtor is called credit. Creditors have the power and authority to challenge the eligibility of the debtor to pay for the credit at a specific time. If you have experience working in the industry, click here to see all credit job opportunities



Mortgage dealers and brokers work on behalf of prospective lenders and debtors to determine the best interest of each party. Do you have experience as a mortgage broker or a similar line of work? Click here to see more opportunities like this at our company

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