Call Centre & Customer Service

The outsourcing business hit the Philippines in the early 2000s. Since then, many businesses across the globe offshored administrative, core functions, and call centre & customer service jobs in Pampanga, Metro Manila, and other big cities in the country.

The Philippines became the go-to country for support roles for two main reasons. One, customer service roles in the country is cost-efficient, then two, Filipinos have great personal and professional qualities that make them more effective for the roles

Reasons Why Filipinos Are Great for Call Centre & Customer Service Positions


  • Filipinos have excellent communication skills and neutral accents

In customer service, communication with clients is the number one priority. The neutral accent Filipinos have makes it easier for foreign clients to understand them better. It also helps local representatives get their point across, effectively endorsing a company’s service, product, or campaign.

  • Filipinos have high respect for others

Filipinos are respectful. They have high regards to the order and hierarchy of individuals in and out of the workplace. Because of their respective nature, it easier for Filipinos to make customers on the other end of the line feel important, thus, making Filipinos more viable for the position.

  • Filipinos care

Filipinos are attentive. They see to it that clients are happy and satisfied with their purchases. They also guarantee that client queries are answered to the client’s satisfaction.

  • Filipinos are patient and professional

Filipinos in the customer service industry have great interpersonal skills, unwavering patience, and professionalism. In amidst of angry complaints, companies can count on Filipinos to stay professional and still deliver great customer support service to clients.

  • Filipinos are adaptable and flexible

Filipinos are adaptable and flexible professionals. They can work well in different environments as they are adaptable to change. They welcome challenges and aren’t afraid of new things.

Do you have all these Natural Qualities of a Filipino? Send your application today!

Employee benefits and additional perks!

  • Competitive rate
  • Great employee benefits
  • Free barista-style coffee and subsidised canteen
  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Great culture


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