Covid-19 Outbreak: Work From Home Tips

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Career growth | Jobs hiring Pampanga | Jobs360

The coronavirus outbreak has affected various facets of people’s lives all over the world. In the most recent event in the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte enforced an enhanced community quarantine regulation to keep its citizens safe and well.

This, in return, influenced companies to adapt a work-from-home lifestyle for the following weeks. Though many companies would prefer employees to come to work, they’re ensuring that the health and wellness of their staff is their number 1 priority.

To give back to the companies, here’s a list of the things employees can do to stay productive during their work-from-home experience:

Work From Home Tips


Living room work area


1. Create an area for work

The work from home setting isn’t for everyone, especially for many families living in a smaller home. When setting up your working space, work it out with your family.

Either you feel like working in your dining area for a more clear space or your living room if you feel like comfort is the way to go that day. In whatever area it may be, find time to speak with your family so you all can work it out.

2. Declutter your workspace

The most important thing of getting focused is decluttering and moving things that distract you from your professional obligations out of sight. For example, immediately put the dirty dishes on the sink and clean them after you had your meal. If you are working on your dining area, seeing the dirty dishes will distract you from completing your tasks.

Another big issue is background noise. Some noises can cause distraction instead of productivity. The primary example is turning on your TV. Instead of helping you focus, this type of background noise disrupts you from your workflow.

For many employees, music is the best way to go. It helps them become more productive, achieving and completing their tasks within the given timeframe.

3. Get ready for work

There are employees who skip this most important part when starting their work-from-home experience. Before starting your shift, be sure to get ready for work like the usual days when you go to the office.

This will help you set your pace throughout the day. Aside from that, do the other things you do when getting ready for work like having breakfast or drinking a cup of joe.

4. Find your position

Employees find it easy to work either on the bed or sofa. When doing so, be sure to set a bedside at your side. THis is to ensure you have a place to put your things on like your cup, documents, and other materials necessary to complete your tasks.

In addition to that, your position is an important factor that will help you stay productive. Don’t slouch or stay in one position too long. You might get cramps and such so it’s important to find a position where your body feels comfortable yet doesn’t feel restrained when you work.

5. Turn on the lights

The lighting is as important as your device. Natural light is great but sometimes can be distracting because of the glares on your personal computer. It can also affect your line of sight. The right thing to do then is to put up blinds or curtains to block it.

Turning on house lights can also factor in your productivity. However, this depends on each employee. There are those who can work with dim lights yet still able to deliver and complete their responsibilities.


Create office work ambience


6. Set a home office ambience

The biggest perk in this work from home experience is having the freedom to create a personalised working area. Set up in a place where you can also work at most of the times like a private corner near the window in your bedroom.

In designing your space, you can also add in natural elements like plants, candles, or infusers to create a more relaxing yet professional space for your work.

7. Stick to a schedule

Either when you’re home or at the office, make sure you stick to a schedule. Create an established time you should start working on to start a routine. It’s also great to stick to your own break schedules especially if you are with a team.

This will help you track the time you spend on specific workloads. It will also limit you from spending too much time when taking breaks.

8. Stretch from time to time

The key to minimise straining your muscles is to stretch from time to time. You can do simple exercises like moving your neck and shoulders in circular motions. Doing jumping jacks to help you wake up when you’re feeling sleepy.

You can also follow this simple exercises you can do while sitting:

  • Calf rotations
  • Arm stretching
  • Waist rotations
  • Leg lifting
  • Bum clenches

These types of exercises not only help with your circulation, it also prevents you from developing diseases and ailments from staying on prolonged stationary positions.


Log off from work


9. Log off

The best way to achieve full productivity is to log off! Be sure that even if you’re working at home, you are setting your mind off work after a long day. It’s necessary to give yourself a break from your professionals responsibilities. It also prevents burnout.

This work-from-home experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic should not be a reason to slack off work. Your integrity as a professional shouldn’t falter and must remain intact despite your current work conditions.

Take note that not all professionals had the opportunity to experience the same thing as this crisis affected the world’s economy. Be grateful and continue to do right by your company. Stay safe and well!