Human Resources & Recruitment

Evidence shows employees play a crucial role in the business. Each staff’s performance influences a company’s success or failure. They create a big impact that affects the company’s growth and expansion.

HR and recruiters now follow specific processes. This is to ensure the right candidates are endorsed to the company and well-adjusted in the first few weeks of their transfer. This makes Human Resource and Recruitment jobs in Pampanga, Manila, Cebu, and other cities nationwide more complex. Added factors such as geography, in-depth knowledge, salary rate, and even age are elements that recruiters and HRs must consider to hire a capable applicant.


Important HR and Recruitment Processes and the Role it Plays in the Success of the Business


  • Identifying hiring need

HR and recruiters conduct tests and analysis to comprehend the needs of the company. This allows them to identify the roles the business requires, minimising chances of redundancy in the company. It’s a great way to let business owners and entrepreneurs know which department or areas of the business require more manpower.

  • Finalising job description and requirements for the role

The content of the job description affects how many candidates will apply for the role. It is a recruiter’s job to ensure that a job description is packed with key details without overloading applicants with information. The goal is to find the right balance to entice the candidate and at the same time not pressure them with company requirements.

  • Sourcing qualified candidates

Solely relying on job listings and related platforms can hinder a company’s reach and search for the best talents. An effective recruiter sources candidates even when many applicants are applying for the role. This is to increase the odds of the company to work with the best breed of employees qualified for the role.

  • Assessing the capability of applicants

A recruiter is in charge of testing, assessing, and evaluating the character, skills, and credibility of an applicant. This is to ensure the company has a long list of qualified and capable candidates.

This process is a must to increase the likelihood of shortlisting candidates that will fit in the company. It’s also necessary to see if they’re expertise, experience, and work ethics positively influence the business.

  • Offering a competitive employment package

HRs and recruiters don’t have the final say in the salary offer to applicants. However, it’s their duty to inform and update employers with the current competitive package for each role. Competition is getting tighter and offering competitive employment packages will only sweeten offers even more.

  • Onboarding and giving employee proper induction

The HR is in charge of ensuring the employee is on-boarded, given a proper induction of company policies and regulations, and introduced to everybody in the office. The role of the HR is to ensure the employee is faring well and is likely to stay with the company for the long run.

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Employee benefits and additional perks!

  • Competitive rate
  • Great employee benefits
  • Free barista-style coffee and subsidised canteen
  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Great culture
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