Information & Communication Technology

The rise of technology gave birth to innovations that improved and automated the daily lives of people and the professional lives of workers. It increased the productivity of employees and improved efficiency of business core processes.

In fact, Information & Communication Technology jobs in Pampanga, Manila, Makati, and progressing provinces are predicted to increase in the following years as the demand for the development of technology continues to increase.

Important Roles Information & Communication Technology Plays in An Organisation


  • Created, maintained, and improved business tools

Hardware and tools have drastically improved since the 2000s. Today, hardware (larger storage space, faster processors, improved displays) and software applications (organisers, platforms, personalised systems) perform better thus positively affecting business functions.

It helped create valuable solutions to complex problems, automate time-consuming tasks, and even automate processes that further improved business functions.

  • Improved communication

One of the biggest contributions of Information and Communication Technology to mankind is an improved form of communication. It transformed how people can communicate with each other from mediums like a telegram to telephone to wireless gadgets of today. Information and Technology reformed and made communication between two or more people easier and more accessible despite geographic concerns.

The improved form of communication gave birth to better communication between teams and departments within the company. It also helped provide better customer service thru real-time online and offline conversation with consumers.

  • Revolutionised marketing

Today, marketing is separated into two types: Traditional and Digital. The advancing technology revolutionised marketing and bore Digital Marketing. It is focused on the online side of marketing: SEO, PPC, SMM, and such. Digital Marketing is progressing and technological advances will only continue to revolutionise it.

If you are looking for bigger and greater opportunities, check the Information and Communications Technology industry. They offer career breaks from programming, systems development, technical computer support, and more opportunities that require professionals to have an innovative and creative mind.

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Employee benefits and additional perks!

  • Competitive rate
  • Great employee benefits
  • Free barista-style coffee and subsidised canteen
  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Great culture

Database Development & Administration

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Engineering - Hardware

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Engineering - Software

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Networks & Systems Administration

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Testing & Quality Assurance

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Web Development and Programming

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Engineering - Network

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Help Desk & IT Support

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An IT security specialist and analyst are responsible for ensuring data, computer systems, and network are protected from data loss, interruptions, and hacking. Do you have the skills and expertise to protect the organisation’s data and systems? Apply now! Click here for IT Security career opportunities


Web Development & Production

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