Real Estate

The Real Estate industry has a big impact on a country’s economy. It helps balance the economy as well as boost the income of people. It encompasses several facets of a property including appraisal, development, buying, leasing, selling, and management of the residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial property.

Although the real estate business is considered to be a cyclical industry, it’s showing great potential to increase in the coming years as the country’s buying power rise.


Top Real Estate Industry Jobs in Pampanga



Development in the real estate industry revolves in the purchase, zoning, construction, or renovation of land. It can also revolve in the selling or leasing of property. Real Estate Developers add bigger value to properties as they create and develop the land.


One of the crucial roles in the industry is the sales and marketing role. These jobs help businesses sell the finish products after the land has been developed. It requires professionals to converse with multiple people including property managers, clients, and potential buyers.


Brokerages are firms that employ professionals (brokers or realtors) who facilitate business deals between buyers and sellers of property. Their job is to help either party to achieve the best possible term when buying or selling a property.


Lending is a big part of all industries as it helps companies build and develop establishments to operate their businesses fully. Lenders vary from banks, government institutions, private lenders, and credit unions.


There is an increasing need for property management jobs in Pampanga as agencies and real estate firms need them to perform core processes to help maintain and establish internal and external relationships. Their major responsibilities include coordinating with clients and specialists for house repairs and maintenance, collecting fees, and handling potential and existing tenant queries and concerns.

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Real Estate Analysis

A Real Estate Analyst is in charge of conducting a thorough market research analysis to advise both the company and client regarding all aspects of a property. Click here for more Real Estate Analysis jobs


Residential Leasing & Property Management

The job of a Residential Leasing & Property Manager is to assist property and homeowners preserve and increase the value of their investments. Looking for more Residential Leasing & Property Management opportunities? Click here


Retail & Property Development

The Retail and Property Developer is the professional in charge of the overall aspect of property development. Do you have the skills and experience for this type of job? For more Retail &Property Development jobs, view here


Commercial Sales & Leasing

The role of the Commercial Sales & Leasing personnel is to manage and direct leasing operations daily. Are you looking for a Commercial Sales & Leasing opportunity? View all available jobs here


Residential Sales

A Residential Sales Representative is tasked to meet sales quota through various sales techniques within the designated area of sales. Are you fit for this role? Apply now! Check here for more Residential Sales employment opportunities

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