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Are BPO Jobs Good or Bad in 2022?

In recent years, the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry has skyrocketed in popularity. 

Companies in the United States, Australia, the European Union, and Canada frequently seek BPO services in the Philippines. It can be summarized as a win-win working model in which businesses gain from lower-cost services and communities in BPO countries benefit from increased employment prospects.

BPO is used in a variety of industries, such as animation, accountancy, architecture, engineering, web development, software development, administrative positions, contact centers, and game creation, to name a few. This implies you have a lot of possibilities for getting a career in the business.

This is especially true in tech-related fields such as accountancy and software development, which pay well everywhere on the planet.

Here are the most common reasons why people, single and married alike, choose BPO:


BPO Companies offer competitive salary packages and benefits

There’s no doubt that this is one of the highest-paying industries. As a result, saving money becomes more convenient.
Aside from the monthly wage, there are other perks such as performance reviews, bonuses for meeting quotas, and even perfect attendance.
When it comes to benefits and remuneration, BPO firms continue to set the bar high (Click here). How will they be able to achieve it if the industry’s population continues to grow?
For various businesses, there are various reasons. If employees are able to enjoy the benefits that the firm provides, this paints a positive picture of the company’s success.
The majority of BPO businesses are highly generous with their benefits. They provide a variety of services, including life insurance, health benefits, family days, and scholarship programs, to name a few.
Paid holidays and vacations, life insurance, paid sick leave, free beverages, a flexible schedule and dress code, the ability to telecommute, which many employees demand, professional training, and much more are all available in the Philippines’ BPO industry.
Some of the best-paying employment in the Philippines are in the BPO industry. A BPO Employee typical monthly compensation, for example, is roughly Php 20,000+ , or around $400. In other industries, such as software development, accountancy, and engineering etc; it can reach Php40,000+ ($800) each month. This is a fantastic pay when compared to the national average of Php13,000 ($260) for people with or without a bachelor’s degree.


BPO Companies have great facilities for their people

Work does not have to be a draining experience. BPO firms are known for having fantastic facilities that allow their employees to unwind. Employees can enjoy amenities such as a gym, sleeping rooms, shower room, game room, and even a karaoke area after a shift.


BPO Industry is a good source of Career Development

Contrary to popular assumption, BPO is a wonderful place to start your career ladder. When it comes to work positions, the BPO industry is quite flexible, and there are various internal jobs that a person can apply for.
The majority of BPO firms in the Philippines provide growth prospects. You can advance to managerial and supervisory jobs even if you just started on the front end of things. Many companies also provide their own training programs or financial assistance to help you learn a new skill. You’ll have the chance to advance within the firm and be rewarded for your hard work.


BPO Companies are good in terms of work-life balance

Employees at some BPO firms are given two days off each year. Employees get to spend quality time with their loved ones while enjoying the benefits of working in the sector.



Job Security

The BPO industry is one of the fastest-growing in the Philippines, with over 650,000 jobs predicted to be created by 2022. Some BPO subsectors, such as contact centers and medical transcription services, will always be vital elements of a firm, as evidenced throughout these tough times. This indicates that these businesses will continue to exist, and you will have a job for the foreseeable future


Multicultural Environment

The majority of BPO companies in the Philippines work with clients from other continents, such as Europe and the Americas. You will be in contact with folks from all over the world as a result of this. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice and improve your second or third language, as well as develop your communication skills. This multicultural setting can also aid in the development of adaptive skills, creativity, and a greater knowledge and respect for different cultures.


If you live in the Philippines, working in the BPO industry is a terrific alternative. You may jump right into your career and work your way to the top. Furthermore, the industry provides excellent pay, a multicultural atmosphere, career advancement chances, and excellent benefits. Just like any other things, there are also reasons why outsourcing is bad (difficulty in shifting professions, relocation, finding a good company and getting hired), which are avoidable with due diligence and research. The beneficial things about outsourcing outweigh those. BPO is one of the country’s fastest-growing businesses, and it’s here to stay, so start your job search with us now at Jobs360. We offer a wide variety of jobs from engineering, accountancy, web and software development and much more for everyone! We have a page where you can find a list of our Jobs in Pampanga.