Job Relocation: What are the Things You Should Know

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Job search tips

Despite being miles away from certain job offers, many applicants are willing to relocate for a great career opportunity. However, the problem with job relocation is the list of activities that come with the relocation itself. For applicants with families, it’s a much bigger struggle because of the additional factors to consider.


Things to Consider for Job Relocation



One of the most important factors to consider when moving to another suburb is the cost of living in the neighbourhood. For example, in the Philippines, living costs in Manila is about 150% higher than the cost of living in Pampanga.

Rental costs for mini studio-type apartments in cities nearby Clark, Pampanga reaches up to Php 5,000 on average. For dormitories, it costs about Php 3,000 to Php 5,000 including utility bills already.


Neighbourhood with Peaceful Sites



Fact is, there are very commendable neighbourhoods everywhere. However, it’s a known fact that some neighbourhoods aren’t as great. Some have unsafe living conditions, especially properties with newly started construction site projects.

When relocating for a new job, factor in the kind of neighbourhood you’ll be likely to live in for the next few months to years. It’s also important to look for a neighbourhood with peaceful sites.



Checking the location of the property and ensuring if the accessibility to various facilities is superb is a necessity. Many employees relocating often forget the fact that being near certain facilities can make things easier for them.

Being near from certain establishments and centres like terminal stations, utility payment stalls, markets, and can provide convenience. It allows you to save money, time, and other resources plus the convenience it brings is a plus.



The offered salary and benefits are the primary factor in your relocation. Keep in mind that more than half of your compensation for the next month or two will go to the moving expenses you’ve exhausted.

Your salary should also cover other expenses like utility, food, internet, and other necessary expenses you pay for monthly.


Decide with Family



Single and independent applicants don’t have to take this factor into consideration unless they have to move with their families. For men and women with families to consider, this is a big factor to include when deciding if they move with the family or not.

When making this decision, it’s important to talk to your spouse and hear what he or she has to say. This kind of big move has a great effect on the family, especially when they do decide to move with you.


Tips to Help You Determine if You Should Relocate for a Job or Not


Research about the company.

It’s important to learn about the company you are considering to work for. Learn more about their culture, their efforts in making their company the best place to work at for their employees, and the social campaigns they are running to make an effort in providing assistance to communities in need.

Research about the people that you’ll likely be working with or working for. Nowadays, companies use social media platforms for various reasons. Use these platforms to know more about the company itself and about the people who represent the business.

When you know more about the company and feel at ease that you’re going to a better company that can provide you with better opportunities, add it to the pro section of your list.


Neighbourhoods Nearby the Company


Learn about the neighbourhoods nearby the company you’re hoping to work in.

Relocating for a job means looking for neighbourhoods you’ll fit in which means spending resources to see which areas are you most comfortable to live in. Another key factor is the accessibility of the neighbourhood. Keep in mind that if you don’t have a vehicle of your own, you’ll need to have access to public transportation like tricycles, jeepneys, and such.

At areas like Angeles City, Pampanga, the closer you are to the city, the higher the rental payment is. However, there are affordable housing and apartments you can check on further areas that still have access to public transport. The key is determining which would benefit you more and suit you.


Speak with the employer and check if they can provide monetary relocation assistance.

Most companies who provide relocation assistance are those who are looking for applicants with specialised skills such as developers, top-notch marketers, and such. However, it’s not frowned upon to ask if they can do provide you with monetary assistance for relocating, even if it’s a regular job.

Although, you have to remember that they can decline your request as it’s not part of the compensation offer they provide. If you do get one, add that to the list of making it work for your job relocation.


Discuss plans with your family regarding relocating for the job.

Your family is an important factor when relocation, even if you’re single. Take into consideration what do they have to say about the idea of you moving away from your hometown.

Note that these days, many professionals are willing to move out, especially from rural areas. They move out to learn deeply and achieve many great things for their professional careers. Remember, the country is continuously developing, there are still regions and cities that offer limited opportunities for graduates and applicants looking for bigger career offers.

Add this one under the pros of relocating especially when your family approves and supports your decision. This may be a big challenge but it will help you grow and achieve more great things the world has yet to offer you.


Compute Salary and Estimated Cost of Living


Compute salary and estimated monthly cost of living

Your salary will mostly help you determine if you can make the move or not. Here are various necessities and expenses you should note and add into your monthly computation:

  • Rent / Property purchase 
  • Transportation/gas
  • Food and groceries
  • Electricity + Water bill
  • Internet
  • Loans + subscriptions (if any)
  • Mobile load (if purchasing monthly)

These factors are the expenses you should include when computing your monthly salary. This will be the biggest factor enabling you to relocate or not.


Ways to Accomplish a Successful Job Relocation


Stay Organised



It’s important to stay organised when relocation. Create a list of things you’ll likely be needing when moving out like the essentials:

  • Clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Sleeping necessities such as pillows, mattress, pillow and bed case (if not provided yet)
  • Gadgets
  • IDs
  • Cash

These are the essentials you need to bring with you to settle in for the following days. You can also add kitchen utensils to the list if you are moving to your own apartment. If you are living in a dormitory type, check if the kitchen utensils they have is for sharing, this allows you to pack lighter.



Do you have relatives who can help you with the move? How about a family car you can use? Do you have a spare mattress you can bring? Check all the resources you can use to minimise your expenses when relocating for a job.


Prepare and Save Money for Unexpected Expenses



After doing the math and learning that you have more than enough to live comfortably in a different city, learn to manage your finances and prepare for emergency expenses. Saving every now and then will help you prepare for unexpected payments.



The best way to settle in fast is to know the people in your neighbourhood. Filipinos are welcoming and hospitable in nature, so the awkward phase in settling your new home won’t be long.

Be friending neighbours is also necessary. It helps you sleep better at night knowing you have someone you can run to should trouble come.



There are employees who find themselves living miles away from their hometown for years. Before making the final decision of determining whether you’re buying a property or renting, think long-term.

What if you decided to resign after a couple of years, will you look for opportunities in the same area? Or will you be moving back to your hometown? Such questions will help you determine where to invest your money.

Whether you’re looking forward to uprooting for a new career, know that sometimes it’s a necessity which is why you need to consider every factor when relocating for a new job. All you need to do is research, learn more, and sometimes ask.