Procurement, Manufacturing, & Transport

Many industries continue to grow as technologies advance; one of these enterprises is the Procurement, Manufacturing, and Transport industry. Although Procurement, Manufacturing, and Transport establishments differ in many ways, they are interconnected by a single thread as one cannot function without the other.

In the world of open global trade and eCommerce, these enterprises are busy filling Procurement, Manufacturing, and Transport jobs in Pampanga, Cavite, Davao, and other cities in the Philippines.


Main Difference between Procurement, Manufacturing, and Transport Jobs


Procurement Jobs

Procurement and purchasing are terms interchangeably used, however, one is different from the other. Purchase means the process how goods or services are ordered while procurement describes the activities required to obtain the products.

Most jobs in the procurement industry comprise but are not limited to sourcing respective sellers that can be potential partners, negotiating business deals, and determining which products and services best serve the company before acquiring them.

Manufacturing Jobs

Manufacturing evolves around the creation of products on a greater scale using machinery and labour. It’s classified in 5 types: discrete, job shop, repetitive, batch process, and continuous process. Manufacturing companies often use more than 1 process, considering today’s demand for specific specifications of products.

Jobs in the manufacturing industry rely on the precision of workers, their adaptability to the current and developing technology, critical thinking, and strong communication skills. These skills can save a company time overlooking the smallest details of a production process.

Transportation Jobs

The transportation business is the industry that helps connect manufacturing establishments with procurement companies. Its main function is to deliver goods and products, even people, from the pick-up area to the designated location specified during the transaction.

Transportation modes may vary depending on the location of the cargo or the preferred transportation used of either party. It can be transported through air, land, water, cable, pipeline, and even space.

Searching for a job that requires accuracy & precision, critical thinking, and great work ethics? Try the Procurement, Manufacturing, and Transport industry today!

Employee benefits and additional perks!

  • Competitive rate
  • Great employee benefits
  • Free barista-style coffee and subsidised canteen
  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Great culture

Fleet Management

The main responsibilities of a Fleet Manager are to oversee all facets of product and supplies transportation. They work along other professionals to ensure the delivery and distribution of products and supplies are timely. For Fleet Management career opportunities, click here


Import,Export, & Customs

Import, Export, and Customs professionals facilitate freight transportation to ensure compliance with customs regulations. Do you know an import, export, and customs specialist? Apply now! View all Import, Export, & Customs job vacancies here


Production, Planning, & Scheduling

The Production, Planning, & Scheduling professional is expected to create a production plan and schedule then oversee production processes to ensure deadlines are met on time. Looking for more Production, Planning, & Scheduling career opportunities? Click here


Rail & Maritime Transport

Rail and Maritime Transport Specialists are the professionals in charge of the transport of goods, passengers, and such via railroads or maritime transportation. Check all available Rail & Maritime Transport here


Supervisorial or Team Lead

The Supervisor or Team Leader is in charge of supervising and leading a team or production, procurement, and transport professionals. Looking for a room to advance your career in the industry? Apply now. Click here to view all Procurement, Manufacturing, & Transport jobs


Freight/Cargo Forwarding

Freight and cargo forwarders determine the best method and route for moving large volumes of freight, ensuring cargos reaches its destination most effectively and efficiently possible on time. View all Freight and Cargo Forwarding jobs here


Procurement & Inventory

The role of the Procurement and Inventory Clerk is expected to track the count of materials, supplies, or products in stock and find the most suitable supplier to partner with for restocking. If you have great relationship-building skills, apply now! View all Procurement & Inventory job posts here


Quality Assurance & Control

Quality Assurance and Control Inspectors are responsible for inspecting, testing, and sampling materials, supplies, and equipment to ensure its quality. Do you have Quality Assurance & Control experience? If so, apply now! Browse all available Quality Assurance & Control here


Road Transport

Road Transporters are responsible for transporting loads, goods, and even individuals from one place to another, strictly following a specific route and schedule. Looking for more Road Transport opportunities, click here


Warehousing, Storage, & Distribution

Storage, Distribution, and Warehouse Operators perform an array of functions that directly affect the business. Do you have Warehousing, Storage, & Distribution skills? Apply now. Click here to see all jobs

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