Projected In-Demand Jobs in 2022

by | Dec 20, 2019 | Job search tips

The rise of technology has given birth to various jobs but also put an end to many others. Today, many jobs have shifted and continually shifts to optimise the convenience and advancements technology has to offer.

The evident shift became most visible in the last few years as more jobs relating to computer science, digital marketing, and technological development keeps increasing.


Predicted In-Demand Jobs For 2020


Flight Engineer

People are becoming more invested in experiences thus it’s predicted to have an increase in travels in the upcoming year. Aviation and airline companies are already strategising plans to accommodate the increase in demand for air travel. An important aspect of this strategy is the acquisition of functional flight vehicles such as aeroplanes, choppers, and even jets.

Qualified Flight Engineer candidates are expected to have gone through aviation schooling, training, and testing. Flight Engineers are required to undergo further training and examination to get certification and licensure to build aircraft vehicles.


Data Analyst

The demand for Data Analysts will increase as data and information from organisational platforms, websites, or software continues to increase. The Data Analyst will be a big help to organisations as collected data can be gathered and translated to give owners, leaders, or marketers better insights based on the collected data.

Data Analysts are required to have the mathematical ability, excellent skills to interpret numerical data into graphs and reports, problem-solving skills, high accuracy and attention to details, and strong verbal and written communication skills.


In Demand Software Developer Job


Software Developers

Software developers play a big part in a company’s success as various company processes rely on software applications and platforms. Software Developers take responsibility for the creation, maintenance, and improvement of software applications and programs of the company or the client’s company.

Software Developers are required to develop the ability to write code using multiple languages, think critically and analytically, and communicate with professionals with different levels of understanding regarding software development.

Though companies overlook educational achievement, it’s advantageous for applicants with computer science-related degrees to snatch software development roles faster especially if the applicants are backed with extensive experience.


Full Stack Developers

An alternative path to take in the IT industry is Full Stack Development. Full Stack Development is the creation, maintenance, and improvement of overall design and functionality of a website.

Full Stack Developers are mostly in-demand in IT companies providing various related services such as website development, front-end designing, and back-end programming. Preferred Full Stack Developer candidates are mostly those that are specialised in specific languages like PHP Full Stack Developer, .Net Full Stack Developer, and even Full Stack Developers highly knowledgeable in programming using multiple languages.


Mobile Software Developer

Another way to go is to specialise in mobile software development. Google, the largest and number 1 search engine used by the majority, is looking into developing and improving mobile development of their application; thus, urging businesses to do the same. The new focus is to provide mobile-friendly software and platforms as most users prefer doing transactions in their cellular phones.

Highly qualified Mobile Software Developers tend to focus on either Android or IOS application, however, some have mastered both. In addition to that, these professionals are expected to be knowledgeable in various programming languages.


Computer Systems Analyst

The difference between a Computer Systems Analyst and Data Analyst is their focus. Data Analysts are focused on interpreting data gathered from various sources while Computer Systems Analysts focus on designing and improving systems tailored to specific businesses.

The main role of a Computer Systems Analyst in an organisation is to study and analyse its current computer system. The next step is to redesign and improve its processes to help the organisation’s employees to be more effective and efficient in the work they do.

Some of the skills an effective Computer Systems Analyst must have critical thinking skills, systems analysis and evaluation skills, problem-solving skills, and reading and writing skills.


In Demand Job Digital Marketing


Digital Marketer

The search for skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable Digital Marketers continue to rise. Though offline marketing is still highly recognised as an effective marketing strategy, organisations are looking more into maximising their digital efforts to reach more audiences and target a wider scope of relevant markets.

The responsibilities of a Digital Marketer are to develop, implement, and manage campaigns to promote the company’s purpose and goals. The objective is to fulfil that purpose and improve company activities while ensuring more and more audiences are reached.

The Digital Marketer is expected to fulfil his or her roles while maintaining or improving the company’s reputation. They are expected to sustain the branding of the company thus being mindful of the marketing materials they use.

The Ideal Digital Marketer is expected to be highly knowledgeable in most fields of digital marketing: SEO, PPC, top social media platforms, and various Google platforms.


Content Writer

Content is one of the boosters companies need to look into to increase online traffic and activities on their website. With the wider reach, content writers are expected to be more competitive now than ever. Writers are expected to have great understanding, knowledge, and ability to create various forms of content and copy such as Google Ad copy, landing page copy, web content, article, power blog, social media post, and more.

Competitive Content Writers must be able to adapt well in terms of tone, type of marketing copy required, and ability to deliver the purpose of the article: inform, sell, or create awareness. Writers are also expected to have strong research skills to provide only the best and most accurate content on the internet, solid understanding of SEO to guarantee searchability of the content, and great editing skills to deliver quality work.


Sales and Support Professionals

The internet is the most reliable and unreliable source of information. The responsibility of the sales or support professional is to provide customers with accurate and informative data to help them decide whether to purchase a product or service or pass on it.

To be an exceptional Sales or Support professional, the worker must have an excellent ability to communicate well with others. The Sales or Support Professional must be able to provide quality service and meet deliverables of the customer.

The increase in demand for these jobs doesn’t mean that other jobs are falling in behind. It simply means that there is a steady increase in opportunities in these industries. Are you looking for a shift in your career or opportunity to expand your knowledge in your current job? If so, be sure to check out all available job opportunities in one of Pampanga’s growing BPO company right now!